How It Works

How we choose the BEST PRODUCTS for Dropshipping In the Philippines

Do you know the most important key to ecommerce store success? – Its not ads, its not your store design! It is what YOU ARE SELLING

But having just good products is not enough. Your products should look so good that every visitor would want to buy them. Otherwise all your efforts are pointless. And this is where we come in to save you all the stress in product research and looking for suppliers!

We works hard to find the best selling products and polish their images and descriptions to perfection. Making them ready for you. All you need is to run ads! And oh, You dont need stocks

And Here Is Exactly What We Do

Identify the most promising products:

We research current trends and demand
Analyze the competition level
Check suppliers and product quality for dropshipping

Search for the best suppliers:

We source the Philippines market as well as china and other
Asian nations for the best suppliers around and find the best
Ones to provide you items ready for dropshipping

We Dropship only the best products:

We pick products with potential of selling, We select them
And we prepare descriptions and videos for you to use for your ads,
We store them in the warehouse and ready for dropshipping

Just copy the items and add to your store:

All you need to do is to copy items and add to your store.
Setup your store for oJMD dropshipping settings,
Start running ads and we ship to your customers and offer COD nationwide